Corporate ICT Infrastructure / Structured Cabling

Whether you are seeking better control of your networked environment or you need practical solutions we provide the answers with NEXT DECADE. No matter how complex and fast-growing your IT infrastructure, NEXT DECADE services put you in strategic control of your networked computing environment by providing you with a managed Common Operating Environment (COE) and a robust Common Support Environment (CSE). With us you will be able to control your total cost of ownership and deliver availability, reliability, performance and support for new applications. Our approach provides flexibility while minimizing risk so you can focus on your core business apart from your IT strategy. NEXT DECADE couples your network computing environment with your enterprise objectives -- providing solutions for your mission critical operations. We integrate hardware and software using leading edge technology that helps you better reach your customers. Our solutions extend your organization across the Internet and private networks.

We are certified installers for Siemon cabling systems apart from having our key personnel certified by the same company and also the licensing authority (Communications Authority) and the National Construction Authority(NCA) In addition to this we also offer NETWORK EQUIPMENT from renowned manufacturers such as CISCO, D-LINK, NETGEAR including but not limited to Switches, Routers, Bridges, Access points e.t.c

NEXT DECADE offers innovative and customized designs that benefit your organization and comply with industrial standards and recommendations. Our plans are designed to provide you with a long-term solution that not only meets your needs today, but also will facilitate your growth in the future.

IP Telephony

Apart from supply and maintenance of legendary (digital/hybrid/analogue) telephony systems, we are now offering IP systems or hybrid IP (systems that will support IP, digital and analogue periphery terminals). One of the greatest and most visible benefits of IP telephony systems is the way they converge with the typical company Ethernet LAN. For the organization, the IP telephony system components, including the phones themselves, become simple Ethernet devices in the local area network. There is now a single Ethernet cable routed to each user’s workplace for both data and voice – gone is the separate phone line, separate LAN cable, as well as the many hassles of managing two cabling systems. In addition you get to choose from a host of software based applications such as call center and CRM solutions for a customer service based firm.

GSM gateways & VoIP trunks: with the ever increasing number of mobile phone users on many platforms (providers) we provide solutions that present the most cost effective way of making fixed – mobile calls and vice versa by; • Provision of GSM gateways to PABX (both analog and SIP) • Providing VoIP trunks to PABX from licensed operators in Kenya (MTN, safaricom • Provision of ISDN trunks from GSM service providers for organizations with high inbound and outbound GSM voice traffic. Ideal for call centers or companies with a large number of customers.

Call centre solutions: These is an integral part of ICT functions of any or organization with functions such as • Call distribution • Automatic two way recording • Activity reports • Queue announcements. NEXT DECADE provides call centre solutions in Kenya for small to medium enterprises from PANASONIC

Telephone Management Systems

For most organizations, the cost of providing communication services should be a predictable/fixed amount just like the payroll or the rent. We are the authorized local distributors of the Judas total telephone management system which has a budget module for most PABX (IP/Legendary) models. This product apart from producing an array of reports on query can have callers issued with budgets on a monthly basis. They will be barred from making outside calls once they exhaust their budget unless added a supplementary amount by an authorized personnel/administrator. Among the products feature highlights include • Email/Web reporting • Network access • Windows or web based interface • Official Tel. Numbers entry • File export facilities


This is a particularly useful service for property developers to add value to their properties as the lessors/purchasers of the property might require the convenience of a subscribe/plug and play/watch scenario for the various TV stations and subscribed pay TV services available locally.. We are able to offer this in both the traditional COAX media and using the new emerging IP technology (IPTV) depending on the complexity of the project.


With the incorporation of our knowledge in Information technology, we are able to offer intelligent CCTV and swipe or proximity access control systems for our clients. Our surveillance cameras and access control connect directly to IP network allowing centralized monitoring and recording of multiple sites and integration with management applications like payroll and time and attendance applications. In addition we also undertake voice evacuation and background /lobby piped music in shopping malls and office blocks. Among other products we also offer PANASONIC video intercoms for home and apartments. These are ideal for single dwelling houses and blocks of apartments complete with handheld video monitors and voice masking.


NEXT DECADE also offers the following power solutions • UPS’s / Inverter design and installation. • Reliable new installation works. • Load balancing and management techniques. • Provision of alternative power sources e.g. inverters, generators, solar etc.

Video Conferencing

We offer corporate to take their meetings to the next level with HD visual communication systems from PANASONIC in real time over a standard internet connection.